How to Persuade Anyone with Your Persuasive Essay

There are many conspiracy theories floating around the internet, such as that aliens live in Area 51 and that the Queen is a Lizard. While it may sound crazy and silly, these videos can be very convincing. The reason is that the video makers use special techniques to manipulate evidence and convince you their crazy ideas are true. This is what persuasive writing is all about.

This article will show you how to write persuasive essays. The article will cover topics, and provide an outline and arguments that can be used to convince readers. You can find persuasive essay examples at the end.
What is persuasive writing?

Writing persuasively is a popular writing style that was taught early in school. This style of writing is interesting and entertaining. It attempts to stimulate debate about a particular topic. This writing technique forces students to adopt a clear position on a particular topic or cause. Students must then present convincing arguments to convince the reader that their position is correct.

So what exactly is a persuasive article? Persisting essays are a type of academic writing task that is often given to students at colleges, universities and schools. The main purpose of persuasive essays is to convince the reader that a certain point of view or viewpoint is correct.

To create a persuasive essay, students must conduct extensive research on the topic and then analyze it to determine a strong argumentative position. Students are required to present logical arguments and convincing language in order to dispel biases.
Why is persuasive writing so important?

Students are more engaged when persuasive papers are assigned in college and schools because they make them more active in class. This type of assignment is also a great way to develop critical thinking and research skills.
Argumentative vs Persuasive Essay

The argumentative essay is also known as a persuasive essay. It is easy to confuse these two types of writing and create the illusion that they are identical. But, persuasive writing is different than argumentative writing.

While both writing techniques share the same goal, both papers are based upon logic and reasoning to persuade their readers. But persuasive papers also depend on emotions beyond straight facts. A persuasive essay is written using convincing arguments but also using emotions to convince the reader of your point of view.

You might also be interested learning what argumentative essays are and how to write them.
Persuasive Essay Format

The following are the essential requirements for persuasive papers:

Fonts: Times New Roman and other easy-to-read fonts such as Georgia or Arial
Font Size: 16pt (for the headline) and 12pt (for the rest of the text
Alignment: Justifiable
Spacing: 2 or 1.5 in certain cases
Word count: A rule of thumb, 500-2000 words. Refer to your teacher’s guidelines to find out what word count applies to your situation.

The List of Topics: How to Choose One

If you are looking for persuasive essay ideas, it is a good idea to pick a topic that has many opposing opinions. The broad issues of gun control and abortion rights may inspire long essays. These are best avoided unless you are writing a dissertation.

Imagine that you are going to support space exploration. It fits perfectly the description for a well-explored contemporary subject. A structure in which each paragraph examines a different planet may be a little too complex. You might consider arguing for building a base on Mars. By doing this, you can convince your audience of the merits of building a moon base and show them how space exploration can help on a larger scale.

Thus, you have convinced your reader that a specific topic is related to a wider one. They will be inspired and have plenty of ideas to chew on as they explore the world of space.
Take These Things into Account When You Pick a Topic

Persuasive essays will focus on your point of view. It is important to identify topics you have knowledge about. Most persuasive essays have been written from real life experiences. These stories help to point out important social issues most people overlook. Consider Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from Birmingham Jail, or Hillary Clinton’s Women’s Rights are Human Rights.
Topics for High-School

Maybe the idea of space exploration seems tedious and time-consuming. There are plenty of persuasive essay topics you can use for high school. You might have debated some of these ideas with your friends.

Tablets in schools should be restricted as they can distract students from learning and cause difficulty in learning.
The Velvet Underground is America’s most influential rock band.
Please explain why you think advertisements should not be allowed on social media.
Because of growing environmental concern, meat consumption should be prohibited within five years.
It was a bad idea to put businessmen in positions that were powerful historically.

Topics for College

The college essay topic ideas that are persuasive can get more complex. These essay topics should be relevant to current events and discuss moral, technological, or environmental issues. Students have the chance to make a significant impact through their writing and bring new life into the world. You should choose persuasive topics for college. They require the writer to think critically about relevant issues. Here are some examples.

Advertising media for teens promotes morally and ethically incorrect messages.
Federal courtrooms need live cameras to broadcast all trials.
Beauty contests shouldn’t be encouraged.
The amount of information online should make college education significantly more affordable.
Use music and art to help prisoners get out of prison.
Argument for Net Neutrality

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