Is SEO Optimization Really Necessary – Some Search Engine Optimization Secrets

A good question: is SEO Optimization really necessary? If you learn some search engine optimization secrets, then you will find that SEO is necessary, but perhaps not in the way that you think.

There are certain SEO techniques that are no longer as effective as they were, and others that are essential if you want that all important top ten listing on Google. Not only Google, but also Yahoo and MSN and any other search engines out there that can help promote your website. The first page on any search engine is where you have to be. Forget these stories that being on the first two pages is fine – it isn’t. You must have your web page listed on the first page of any search engine 谷歌seo优化.

I never fail to have my new home pages listed on the major search engines within 48 hours. I also have a large proportion reach the top 10 on these sites within two weeks. I have a site I am willing to lead you through that achieved exactly that. These are my credentials for making these claims and writing this article. Most people, use SEO in the wrong way, and will never really understand what the search engines are looking for.

You should try to look at search engines such as Google, not from the point of view of what they do, but of what they are telling you. Google have their own blogs where you can learn a lot about the mentality and way of thinking of the Google experts who contribute. You will never beat me with a similar site if you fail to do so. So that is tip number 1! Find the Google blogs and learn! Learn not just what Google might be thinking but what others are also thinking.

I feel so strongly about this that there is a link on every one of my SEO websites to help my visitors. Most of my favourite SEO websites also do the same. However, Google does not tell you everything, and you don’t always get what you want from the blogs. The information below is an example of you will not get.

It is very important to most people who have new websites to get them listed quickly. Not in the mandatory six weeks, but right now! So first, let’s have a look at how to achieve that before we consider how to get that listing in the top ten. There are techniques, tactics and tricks that can be used to achieve both.

The secret for a quick listing lies in promoting your website in a way that gives them as many links back to selected pages on your site as possible. If this confuses you then think on two specific parts of what I have stated: ‘selected pages’ and ‘links’. All of the true search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN list web ‘pages’ not web ‘sites’ or domains. What that means is that every single page on your site is treated as a separate entity and is listed on its own merit.

The second important word is ‘links’. It is important for your listing position that you have as many links to your web page in question as possible. This is where most people go wrong. They do not understand which ‘links’ help them and which can damage them. Many do not understand the importance of internal links, or from which type of web pages their external links should originate.

Think on it for yourself, and I provide a complete explanation and solution on my website. Not all links back to your website are useful to you. Some might even lose you PageRank – I use the term ‘PageRank’ deliberately since that is the Google term. There are discussions as to whether Yahoo use Google PageRank or have their own. I don’t know, but I do know that if I get a high listing in Google, I also have a high listing in Yahoo and MSN if I keep the same formula.

That formula is in my book, but that is not the purpose of this article. It is to explain that there is more to high search engine listings than just content and Meta tags. Speaking of Meta Tags, some are still used by some of the lesser search engines, and I always include Keyword and Description Tags in my web pages. I also use the appropriate HTML tags for my titles. However, the most important aspect of high listings is the structure of your whole website.

That, however, is another subject, and is the whole reason in my opinion for my high listings. This article is about quick listings, and to put it in a nutshell, if you submit well written articles to the top PageRank directories, the web page featured in your Resource Box will be rapidly visited by the search engine spiders. If you can’t write your own, a ghost writer can do it for you.

So, is SEO optimization really necessary: absolutely! However, it is not the classical on-page optimization that is important but the off-page, and also inter-page, and if you are wondering inter-page means, then that again is another subject, but one that can allow you to lead spiders by the paws, or whatever they have, through the maze of your website. They just love it when you do that! There are lots more search optimization secrets that you should learn to get your web pages listed to the maximum of their potential.

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