More Important to Be a Blogger Than a Logger?

How are bloggers more crucial than loggers? Wait, forget the term loggers. Fill in the blank any other manual labor driven career. The reason simply is because information has become more important than industry. Yes, loggers and the lumber they harvest is important to our society. Indeed we would have a difficult time building houses without them. However, the effective delivery and filtering of information has become increasingly more important as our society becomes more and more inundated with higher volumes of mental information overload.

Have you ever felt this overload overtake you? If you say no, think back to when you last watched television news for a long period of time. After a certain amount of time your brain becomes so inundated with negative sensationalist news stories that your become desensitized and start to think more negatively about the world. What you’re missing is perspective. Perspective on news stories allows you to think for yourself Sherry Dyson. When you think more deeply about stories you see between the lines and you can see the positive in the world. Blogs offer a positive alternative to the news and traditional sources of information that leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Bloggers and the blogs they write today come in all shapes and sizes. There is the blog hobbyist that writes a post or two every so often when they are feeling in the mood. Then there’s the blogger of intermediate skill that has been at it for a year or two and has several blogs that they update regularly. Lastly, there’s the blog mogul. These bloggers are pioneers in their own right. They have cornered the market on their brand, their source of unique perspective and information that keeps readers coming back for more.

Blogs have evolved from primitive websites with primitive bloggers rambling about obscure topics to well designed websites with large volumes of highly cited and trusted content. There are some blogs that are so effective that when you’re there you forget that they are blogs. That is the true test of a great blog.

When you don’t realize it’s a blog, what’s happening is the blogger has sold you on the information they have provided. Part of being a blogger is being a salesperson. You must convince the reader that your are not nameless faceless internet person rambling about meaningless things they don’t care about. Your reader must care about what you are writing or they won’t read it, simple as that. With all that said, if you execute it properly, blogging can be an incredibly rewarding pursuit and can touch limitless lives far beyond your keyboard.

Blogs can change lives. Blogs start social movements and social change. Blogs provide sound medical device. Blogs can help you become a better parent. Blogs are ever-evolving. Blogging can be a simple hobby or a lifelong passion. Whatever it becomes for you remember you’re not just a blogger, you’re a writer. You’re a unique writer that has the ability to transform someone’s life, and do it again and again. That’s what makes being a blogger different. Blogging gives a voice to the voiceless and that’s why it has become more important in our society than a logger.

9. Issue News Releases – Commit to issuing a monthly press release about something of interest that has happened to your business. This can be about a new product, a new piece of equipment, a move or something that one of your employees did. Before your do the first one, you need to develop a contact listing of your local media outlets. Once the news release is written then it needs to be distributed to the local media outlets as well as placing the news release on the wire. Putting the news release on the wire allows the release to be searched by the search engines and catalogued.

10. Go to Trade Shows – Re-commit to going to trade shows. At least plan on getting a booth at the local Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Trade shows are an inexpensive way to get in front of prospective customers. The use of large format graphics and brochures helps to make your booth pop. Capture business cards of prospects by offering something of value such as a prize or free service.

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