Taking Time to BE When There Is a Lot to DO

The start of my New Year is always filled with doing, doing, doing. And while I have people who help me there are still many decisions that I need to make myself.

I love that I’ve developed my masculine energy to be able to carry this, but I also know that if I ignore the feminine within me, I will work myself to the point of exhaustion and not be able to deliver on the promises I’m making.

Plus, without lots of space for my feminine, the content of the business just won’t be as transformational as I know it can be.

Coaching is all about playing in the magical, creative, spiritual energy of divine feminine power to dream up a business that perfectly aligns with your life purpose KICKASS.CD. Then, how to let the focused, driven masculine energy within you bring that dream into reality with marketing strategy, packages that people want to buy, and sales conversations that are fun and effective. So I better use both in creating a kickass biz, right?

I think that a lot of us get trapped at this time of year in the DOING cycle. It’s a shiny new opportunity and we jump in with plans and goals KICKASS TORRENT. We do, do, do right up until it’s all just too much and, then, we go back to the old normal. (When I’m in this mode, that normally happens by Jan. 15!)

Our masculine energy is designed to support the feminine within us. It’s not meant to be the only expression of who we are, although our society does encourage that.

If either of the last two questions is burning inside your head then you are definitely in the right place because in the next couple of paragraphs I will cover just how effective some of the best Poker Tournament Strategies can be in great detail.

It is my hope that this information will help anyone that is straddling the fence about using these strategies to make an informed decision of which type of strategy will work best for them.

Now that that is out of the way let’s get right down to business shall we?

The first Poker Tournament Strategy I will discuss is to use a very tight aggressive strategy called “TAG”. This is a very solid strategy because it is solely based on having good cards and playing the game very carefully.

The next strategy is to avoid unnecessary calling that will ultimately get you kicked out of the game faster than the speed of light. When calling you should take extreme caution when doing so because getting this wrong can surly break you with speed.

The third strategy is to handle the bubble the right way. What exactly is the bubble exactly? Well think of it as the period before the last few players on the table eliminate one another to get the pot.

This is the period in the game where the last man standing will pocket all the cash which is the whole purpose of playing the game in the first place right?

In closing a good Poker tournament player will use several different strategies to display and unbeatable strength that will confuse and bewilder his opponents into folding early. I hope this information was useful and good luck on your poker endeavors.

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