The Essential Golf Tools and Equipment

Golf is a sport that makes use of various tools and equipment. Golf equipment types include the golf balls, sticks designed for striking the balls, different devices designed to enhance the process of stroke playing and a number of tools that help enhance the golf playing experience. In this article, we look at some of the equipment and tools that are commonly used in playing golf.


Golf balls are not just any kind of balls. These balls must fulfill a number of designed requirements for them to be used for playing golf. For instance, a golf ball must attain at least a 42.67 mm in diameter and its mass must not exceed 45.93 grams. Modernized golf balls have construction designed of two-layers, three-layers and even four-layers designs made from different synthetic materials. The balls surfaces are dimpled to improve their aerodynamics. The material used to make the balls as well as the method used in the construction affects the ball’s general performances and characteristics. Soft covered balls generate higher spin abilities and have greater potentials in stopping. Balls made from much stiffer and harder materials have a longer distance travel potential. Golf balls are mainly categorized as four-piece, three piece and two piece depending on the construction. The four piece balls are always the most expensive.

Tees are types of objects that are pushed into the ground used to Cake disposable rest a golf ball before shorting it. However, a tee is only allowed for the first shot. These objects are mostly made of plastic or wood and they usually resemble nails that have a small cup on the top. Tees made of wood are considerably cheap and disposable while plastic tees are expensive and last much longer compared with the wood ones. Tees lengths differ depending on the type of club to be used to shot the ball and a player’s preferences. Mounds can be built to perform the functions of tees.

Golf clubs used in a single game can be as many as fourteen and the main types of clubs include putters, woods and irons. The woods are used to make long shots from a fairway, rough or tee, irons are for precision shots from a rough or fairways and the putters are used to make shorter shots.

The other equipment is the golf bags. These are used for the transportation of the golf tools and equipment. The golf bags are mainly made of leather or nylon and they are made in cylindrical manner to support the tools. These bags have different pockets for carrying different equipment and they have both shoulder and hand straps.

Other golf equipment include golf carts that are used for player and equipment transportation during a game, towels that are used to clean balls and also wipe hands, ball markers, ball mark repair tool used to repair a ball mark. In addition, there is the club head covers used for club protection from accidental and weather damages, ball retrievers, stroke counters, range finders, positional guides among others.

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