Vietnam Travel Guide – Why Street Food is Best During Your Trip to Vietnam


Vietnam travel guide is your ticket to an exciting journey across Asia. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation bordered by China, Japan, Thailand and Laos in the west, Cambodia in the east. Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, pays tribute to the legendary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive marble statue known as the Ho Chi Minh Memorial. Ho Chi Minh City (once called Saigon) also has French colonial ruins, plus Vietnamese War memorial museums and the Củ Chi Tunnels, used by Vietnam warriors.

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In your Vietnam travel guide, you will find detailed information about Vietnam’s historic, cultural and political arenas. You will see the fantastic architecture of the great Vietnamese leaders like Nguyenoun, Tran Dai Phu and Nguyen Van Vu, and the breathtakingly beautiful vases and paintings done by Vietnamese artists. You will hear about the fabulous cuisine of Vietnam, which is noted for its spiciness and richness of taste, its unique brand of hospitality and its remarkable craftsmanship. You will see why Vietnam is known as the “Land of the Long Shoes” and why some of its dishes are even famous around the globe. And you will find out about some interesting facts about the ancient town of Halong, Vietnam’s biggest.

In your Vietnam travel guide, you will find out that Halong Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam It’s where the hippies, students and other people from different backgrounds converge. Aside, from halong beaches, Vietnam travel guide also gives information about other popular beaches like Nha Trang, Ca Mau, Ha Long Bay and Loan Chau.

Another interesting fact about Vietnam travel guide is that it has a complete list of all the Vietnam restaurants, bakeries and bakeshops around the country. It also has a complete list of Vietnam’s famous wine-growing region like Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang. You can choose from many delicious food choices in these regions. In the northeast of Vietnam, you will find Tonle Sap Lake, which is famous for its wonderful scenic beauty. It is also famous for the silkworms that come out of the cocoon. Vietnam is also famous for its many lakes and creeks, like the Mekong, that offer scenic boating experiences.

Of course, not everything in Vietnam is about the cuisine and culture. In fact, some of the most amazing sights in Vietnam are found not in the country’s capital cities but in its countryside areas. One of the best things about traveling in Vietnam is that the possibilities are endless. If you want to see an entire province in one trip, then by all means pack your bags and jump into the plane. But if you just want to visit some of the most famous landmarks and beautiful places in one city, then you can choose a Vietnam travel guide that focuses on these places only.

To plan your trip to Vietnam, it would be best to consult a travel guide when you get to Vietnam. This way, you will be able to pinpoint the best time of year to visit Vietnam. For example, the best time to visit Vietnam is between December and April. This is the best time for street food, beaches and sightseeing.

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