What Will Attract the Viewers to Come to the Cinema and Watch Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen

There are literally billions of Transformers fans who are eagerly waiting for Transformers: revenge of the fallen to be released. They will not miss it at any cost, and the tickets at all the movie theaters are going to be sold out months in advance.

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These are facts that we know and so do the film producers. That is why they have closely guarded the story of the film. Why would people throng to watch the transformers sequel transformers 2 as it is being called? Well the reason is quite simple, there is a difference in watching an action packed movie on a cinema screen as opposed to watching it on TV. On TV the affects just don’t come across with the same force as they do in a cinema hall red rock entertainment testimonials.

Even if you have a 50″ TV and surround sound, the impact is not the same. A love story can be watched on TV but not an action packed movie. If you have seen Jaws in a movie theater and then a rerun on a TV, you would have noticed clearly that the impact and the impression of watching it on a huge screen was not there. The shark on TV looks just a bit bigger than a goldfish and is not frightening at all. Where as, in a movie theater, it makes your heart leap into your throat.

Transformers movies are about high pitched battles, robots transforming from dump trucks into Abrams tanks. There is plenty of action and pitched high speed battles that take place. This is what the fans love, and that is why it will be a mega hit. Also, the story not revealed as yet has stirred the imagination of people across the globe. There are literally thousands of opinions regarding the story of Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, filling up the internet.

With Steven Spielberg as the executive producer, one must expect a thriller and that is what transformers 2 promises to be. The robots have been carefully assembled and detailed. Computer graphics have been limited and do not fill up the movie. The music of the film is set to the action of the scenes. So, a real thriller is in store.

Once the movie hits the theaters, there is going to be a storm of blogs that will appear on the internet. This generation has grown up with the Transformers and most also possess a transformer toy in their lives. There are avid readers of Transformer comics and millions of fans living in a fantasy world and believing that life of other planets is rooted in them. Don’t know why movie makers and writers like to show aliens who can cross the universe as ugly looking green monsters.

Also, showing Transformers at the pyramids is going to give fans a lot of food for thought. Did aliens actually come to earth at some point? Did they teach the human race the art of writing, constructing, weaving cloth, etc. This movie is going to generate a lot of controversy especially regarding the action and battles among the aliens and also the story itself.

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