When to consider Engaging a private Security Guard Service company

At what point does it become necessary to engage a private security guard service company? This is a question many security-conscious people find themselves having to contend with, when they feel internally compelled to engage private guards, but when faced with doubts as to whether it is really something they need, from a practical point of view. Ultimately, this is not something anyone can give you conclusive advice on. It is more of a personal decision (or more of a specific business decision, in case we are looking at an organizational situation); which has to be made in line with the prevailing circumstances. But there are a number of general guidelines, on when the engagement of a private security guard company becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Private Security Services For Your Business

One of the situations when it would be essential to consider engaging the services of a private security guard service company is when you feel that you are under heightened security threat. Sometimes, this may not just be a matter of ‘feeling’ but often also a conclusion you arrive at following an examination of the facts at the ground. If, for instance, you are running a business which handles large sums of money, and people (including your own employees) know for sure that you tend to have such huge sums of money in your custody, that would automatically qualify as a huge security risk security company in London. It doesn’t matter how good spirited the people who know about your custody of money may be: the information they have could somehow leak to the bad guys. In a situation like this, what you would need would ideally be an armed private security guard service, because you can count on the guys who eventually come for your money/valuables being armed.

Security threats that justify the engagement of private guards don’t have to be those to do with theft/robbery. Sometimes, you could be looking at a situation where you realize that your workforce could turn unruly or where (running something like a restaurant) you realize that some of your customers could decide not to pay their bills. You need someone to handle these kinds of situations on your behalf because they can be overwhelming, or they could result in your embarrassment as you attempt to handle them yourself.

The other situation where it would be essential for you to consider engaging guard services, even where you are not under a particularly huge direct risk is where you happen to be living in an area that is not well served the public (police) patrols. There are many such isolated locations. A specific example would be where you happen to be living in an expansive range. True, you may not have much in terms of valuables – but your isolation could make you attractive to all manner of criminal elements in search of an easy target. But a guard at the right place and the right time (especially a properly armed one) could repel them when they come calling or, better still, serve as a deterrent. None of us wants to admit this but crime in our beautiful city is on the rise. Last year, it was reported that property crime rates had risen 43% on what they were at the same time in 2014. Police statistical reports confirmed that the average rate of theft and burglary was a shocking 134 crimes per day. This included commercial break-ins, shop-lifting and residential burglaries. Police launched special operations to tackle property crime in the city and 60 officers were dedicated to property crime prevention. In addition to this, Private security companies are also working hard to help residents and police ensure that our property, and our people, are safe.

People deserve to be able to run their businesses and go about their daily lives without the constant fear of theft or other crime. Private security companies can help business owners by setting up monitored cameras, supplying static guards to protect from property loss and by sending out regular patrols on foot, on bikes or in vehicles. Professional security services help the police by deterring burglars and stopping crime before it happens. These companies are owned, run and staffed by local people who are just as committed to keeping burglars at bay as any of the city’s other residents.

Some private security companies, are even taking their commitment to keeping our community safe one step further by providing a free 24/7 community patrol program. They have donated their time to ensure that people can attend school, get to and from work, enjoy a night at the movies or in a restaurant and keep doing all of the things that our wonderful city has to offer in peace of mind and safety. Some steps we can take to keep our cities and streets safe is report any suspicious activities to your local police station, RCMP or a Security Patrol Vehicle near you.

The effect that the private security companies are having on property crime goes a little wider than simply protecting the property of their individual clients. Increased security presence in the businesses and on the streets of the city benefits the whole community because it deters criminal elements. Burglars will be less likely to target any of our businesses if they know that monitored cameras are operating, trained guards are stationed and regular patrols are in action. It is the responsibility of business owners, along with private security companies, to make sure that burglars will not target premises in our city.

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